Monday, November 28, 2011


Over this past week at home, which was arguably the best week I have had in a while, I booked my plane ticket! I depart from Logan at 6:15pm on January 29th, arrive in Dublin around 5:30am on January 30th, then arrive in Bristol at 7:30am.  I then take a train from Bristol to Bath, which is only approximately 15 miles away.  I then get picked up by my program at the train station and they take me to my place of residence, which I find out this week! I also find out who my flatmates are and what classes I got into.

Buying my plane ticket made everything seem so real.  It is going to be bittersweet going abroad, considering some of my closest friends are graduating in May. The weekend before we went home for Thanksgiving, some of my close friends held our own Thanksgiving in their townhouse, filled with homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato, green bean casserole, and even a real turkey! It was so delicious.  Lynne even made homemade hard cider. It was all so amazing.

Our Delicious Food! (sans the was in the process of being carved)

We are classy and eat on the floor 

While we were eating, we all said what we were thankful for.  The first time we went around we did jokes and corny things. For example, I said I was thankful for twitter so I could live tweet our entire meal (which I did).  The second time around, however, we were serious, and a lot of us ended up crying.  I obviously said I was thankful for my family who has provided me with everything I could ever ask for and more, are unconditional in their love, and support me with whatever I decide, especially in terms of abroad.  Secondly, I am thankful for my family at school.  While the dinner was just Hilary, Kendal, Liz, Maggie, Lynne, Emma, and I, I am so thankful for my family at school.  These 6 ladies plus a few have been my support systems, especially this past year.  I ended up crying because I really do not know what I will do next year without them.  They are amazing, strong women who will all have such an impact in whatever they do and I am so proud they are graduating.  I just cannot fathom the fact I only have 2 weeks left with them.

All in all, I am so thankful to be going to England because I know it will be the time of my life. I am just not ready to say goodbye and I know it will be bittersweet.

Keep Calm and Follow the Moon