Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let it Snow!....Please?

Its finally December 1st! December, besides September, is my favorite month.  Yes, I love Christmas. Who doesn't? But I do not love it for the superficial fact that I get presents.  It is the feeling that Christmas brings.  I try to not get stressed about the holidays and enjoy them for what they are supposed to be: spending time with people you love.  My mom and I have a wonderful tradition of seeing Boston Ballet's production of The Nutcracker every year.  It is hands down my favorite tradition. Ever. We often go in to town early, grab dinner on Newbury Street, and then go into the show. My dad drives us in, eats dinner with us, and then goes Christmas shopping (Ballet is not his favorite thing...understandably). But it is a great time and I love getting to bond with my Mom.  Now that I am in college I truly appreciate my time with my family a lot more.

Last Year we had great seats! So close (this is the curtain for the performance)
Another fabulous tradition my family has is hosting a Christmas Eve party at my house.  It is so fun, filled with laughter, food, drink, and cheer.  We always have a Yankee swap, which is so entertaining.  Everyone gets so intense and pushy about their gifts, but its all in good fun. 

Here are some photos from a McCarter Christmas :) 
Its hard to enjoy the beginning of December with all of the stress of school.  I have a huge paper due next week on Psychological Warfare in WWII, a lesson plan, and a paper on Orwell's 1984. But for me, finals will be pretty simple, consisting of only a take-home exam in my Christianity class (I lucked out this year)  But I will try and make time for my wonderful friends who I won't see for  quite a while and maybe go out to dinner some night before finals. 
But these are some of the many reasons why I love December and Christmastime. 
Do you have any fun traditions of your own?
Keep Calm and Follow the Moon:)

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  1. Dude you have a blog, this is very exciting so i can follow your shenanigans in England! Xmas Eve is the best tradition ever.