Wednesday, December 21, 2011

38 days

38 days until my flight! I have had so much to do in preparation. First of all, I have to acquire a visa from the British Consulate in New York! I had to fill out an online application, go into Boston for a biometrics appointment where they put in my information from my passport/license, took my fingerprints, and my photo. The next day, I had to get my photos done at Triple A to sent to the consulate in the mail, along with my tier 4 self assessment, a copy of my application, and my actual passport (which makes me a little nervous.) But it is under review and I find out soon if I am approved!

On another note, I received my housing allocations, the school I will be working at, and my class schedule! I am living near the River Avon on a cobblestone street with 3 roommates, also from ASE. I am working at Hayesfeild School for Girls in the History department all day on tuesdays, and I am taking the 8 credit education programme, History of the Middle Ages: the formation of England 400-1400, and Tudor and Stuart England. Everything is coming together!

I love Saint Mike's so much, but I am so excited to be getting this amazing experience!

Keep Calm and Follow the Moon:) 

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