Thursday, January 26, 2012

50 Pounds Really isn't a lot, is it?

I am an infamous overpacker.  At school, my trunk overflows with sweatshirts, sweats, and tshirts. I have probably 30 or more pairs of shoes. A professional may or may not call me a hoarder based on my closet. What can I say, I love clothes.  This poses a problem when I am packing however.  My airline, as most international flights, has a 50 pound weight limit for my checked luggage. If it goes over 50 pounds it costs about $60 (holy cow). My suitcase alone weighs around 20 pounds and I was hoping to leave room in it for things I may purchase when abroad.

I have to pack for 4 months in one tiny suitcase.  I need outfits for casual wear around my house, school, teaching, Oxford, the gym, hiking, formal events my program is required to attend, and nightlife.  While many may overlap, such as the gym and hiking and formal events and teaching, it is difficult for me to decide what to pack and what not to pack. I love my clothes!

In other news, I leave in 2 days and 20 hours. It has not quite hit me yet. My dog has been moping around the house every day since the suitcases were brought out.

What I'll miss most in Europe

So wish me luck on packing and listen to this (shameless) plug of my A cappella group, the AcaBellas, another thing I will miss in Europe! 

Keep Calm and Follow the Moon 

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