Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blenheim Palace: My Summer Home

The day we left Oxford we made a pit stop at Blenheim Palace where the Duke and Dutchess of Marlborough take up residence.  How anyone can live in this place is beyond me. It is honestly one of the most magnificent places I've seen; although I have not seen many palaces in my day, this one takes the cake. 

We started off the day by taking a tour of the palace.  It turns out Winston Churchills grandmother was a duchess of Marlborough, so he spent much of his time at Blenheim and they essentially have a shrine to him, including things from his childhood garments to his letters when he was older to a photo timeline.  The rooms were amazing, and its strange to think that people actually live there. I wish I could have taken a picture (cameras were not allowed inside the actual palace) but there was a dining room that was painted in an almost 3d style and the ceiling looked to be domeshaped when it was actually flat.

After our tour of the palace, we took a train to some of the gardens of the palace, including a butterfly garden and a maze!

We got lunch at a deli and took it to sit in the palace gardens.
My friends and I eating lunch on the palace steps

Finally, we ended the day walking the palace grounds and soaking everything in.  We even found a sheep farm (we all know my mild obsession with sheep.) 
 with all the sheep!
In front of the palace 

Keep Calm and Summer in a Palace 

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