Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Cotswolds!

Last Friday we went to the Cotswolds, sometimes referred to as the Heart of England, and for good reason.  The rolling green hills matched with the stone architecture of the buildings is a perfect combination.  On our trip, our first destination was Broadway Tower, designed in 1794.  We climbed countless stairwells to finally get to the top, but when we did it looked a little something like this

In front of the Tower! 
 So many sheep farms! 

 Me on the top of Broadway Tower

From the top, you can see 4 counties! 

After we finished exploring the top of Broadway Tower, we walked a mile and half to the center of town.  It was overcast and it had rained a few days before so the walk was a bit muddy. We walked all downhill through fields and the terrain was often tricky to maneuver, but we digressed. 

Frolicking through the countryside on the walk down to the village

Once we finally reached the village, we had to walk another 3/4 of a mile to get to the bus, but the walk was amazing. There were so many cottages made of limestone with fences and gardens and it was so picturesque.  Since we had a fairly strict time schedule, we could not wander around the cotswolds but we did walk through the whole village so we got to see all of the beautiful houses. 

After we took a short busride, we arrived in Bourbon-on-Water for an hour of lunch and exploring.  We were very hungry, so we wanted to go to a small cafe that was not too mainstream so we would not have to wait long, and we found a perfect place.  It was called the Windrush Cafe and it was so beautiful we actually got to eat outside. It was honestly one of the nicest days we've had. And people told me I wouldn't see sun for 4 months, psh.

Fiona, Emily, and I at lunch!

After lunch, we went and sat on the river across the street from the cafe. 

Kate, Me and Emily just hanging out in the River 

Our last stop on our Cotswolds trip was to a garden to see the snowdrop flowers. I felt like I was in the secret garden and we got to explore for 2 hours. The latter half of that, however, was spent in a cafe drinking tea and eating cakes, which was fine with me. 

It was a wonderful trip, and I truly can appreciate why the Cotswolds are known as the heart of England.  Everything was so beautiful and rustic and the rolling hills and farms were just amazing. 

Keep Calm and Pet a Sheep

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