Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dreary and Melancholy Life of Papers...

So its about that time again...paper week.  It always seems to sneak up when you least expect it.  This week I had 3 papers due...two on monday and one tomorrow (thursday).  My two on monday were for my education class and my history of the middle ages class.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing my education paper (I'm not being sarcastic I promise) because it was on the effect of bullying in schools, comparing the UK to the global community and what we can do as teachers to eradicate bullying.  This is an issue I am passionate about, hence why I enjoyed writing it.  My History of the Middle Ages paper, however, was less exciting.  It was on the change in English economy throughout the middle ages.  Riveting, I know.  Those two are done, however, and now it is on to writing about Elizabeth I, which isn't so bad.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I went to Hayesfield, per usual, and first period, I gave a talk to Year 13's (the equivalent of seniors in high school) on Civil Rights in America, from an American perspective.  I talked mostly about how we learn (or don't learn) about civil rights in our school, and the impact in society today. I really think they enjoyed it and I was thankful that they participated in the lesson and asked me questions and it was not just me standing up there lecturing.  I was really nervous, mostly because of our closeness in age and they are quite intimidating, but my cooperating teacher kept telling me how great it was and that the students really quite enjoyed it.

Next Tuesday I will be doing a starter activity with my Year 7's on witchcraft, and my teacher told me I could do anything so I might do Salem witch trials since their curriculum only covers witchcraft in England.  I am also doing a Year 10 history class on Georgian Bath and a timeline activity. I am nervous because that is the class Andrew, our placement coordinator, will be sitting in on! Wish me luck!

Keep Calm and Survive Paper Week

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