Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Years

Last night a few friends and I went out for dinner at a local restaurant/pub called Beau Nash for a burger/drink deal.  It was the first night all of us had been out together in a long time and it was so nice to just be out together having a great time.  We got talking, and someone mentioned how 10 years ago we would have never in a million years imagined ourselves in this situation.  Living with people we did not know existed before our program, seeing places so foreign that they seemed worlds away.  Learning and growing in every encounter we have.  Where will we be in 10 years? Will we still be friends? Will all of this be just a distant memory? I would like to hope that this experience will live on with me forever, and the friendships and relationships I make will last a lifetime.  But you never really know do you? In these last 10 years I have grown so much. Heck, in these last 10 days I have grown.  What will the next 10 years bring?

Keep Calm and Think Deep Thoughts

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