Friday, October 28, 2011

Schedule of Events

Spring Semester (2012)

January 30 (Monday)
Arrive in Bath
Jan 31 - Feb 5
Orientation Week
Feb 6
Classes Begin
Mar 17 - 23
At Oxford
March 30 - April 8
Spring Break
May 7 - 11
At Stratford-upon-Avon
May 14 - 17
Examination Week
May 18
Semester Ends
May 19 (Saturday)
Departure Day

I am so excited. This is surreal. These events are actually happening. I am planning on spending Spring Break in Milan, Italy.  I have connections there so I would not have to pay for a hostel. My family hosted two beautiful young ladies from Italy 3 summers ago and we still keep in touch with them and they are begging me to come visit.  Why not.
The classes I am taking are an 8 credit Education Programme, Irish Nationalisms, and Tudor and Stuart England.  The study trips include a weekend trip to Dublin and to the Montacute house.
Keep Calm and Follow the Moon

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