Friday, May 11, 2012

Twin Time in Bath!

So I'm really sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks, but they have been super busy! I will fill you in through a series of posts relating to each major event rather than one big post, because those can get tedious both reading and writing.

So the title of this post may be confusing, seeing as I do not have a twin (well blood related.) I have a friend from home named Jenna, coincidentally, who I have known forever and when we were younger we were the 'twins' because we had the same name :) Anyways, Jenna (twin..I'm not talking in the 3rd person I promise) is studying in London for the semester, which is only 90 minutes away from Bath so obviously we had to meet up at some point in the semester. She ended up coming to Bath for just a day, but we did a lot of touristy things which were really nice.  We went to lunch at this hole in the wall pub that is really, really good and cheap! It is called the Porter, and really close to the Royal Crescent which was nice because that was one of our stops! After lunch and the Crescent, we went to the Roman Baths, which I had been waiting to do until she came to visit so it was a new experience for both of us! The only problem of the day was that it was raining and pretty cold, so being outside was pretty miserable but there is a museum inside that took up most of the time anyways and gave a really good history of Roman Bath. It was so wonderful having a friendly face from home, especially since the end is drawing near and I think everyone is a little homesick.

 Jenna and I infront of the Bath's with the Abbey in the background! 

 Some of the original steps from Roman Bath
Down by the Baths 

Keep Calm and have Twin Time

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