Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Week of Finals

And no, not the exams. The last week of my "Bath time" was spent trying to see everyone, doing our list of "lasts" and maybe cramming in some studying. It me it was crazy to think about never seeing my professors again.  At Saint Mikes, you can usually always drop into their office or run into them in the academic quad. But with my ASE/Oxford professors, this was probably our last meeting, which made me really sad. They were all so wonderful and amazing, and I know I will definitely miss them.

Wednesday night we had an Education Programme pub crawl with Andrew, which was so fun! We went to a few pubs I hadn't been to which was really nice.
The Education girls with Andrew at The Raven 

We also had our last Thursday night at Beau Nash with their delicious burgers, cheap cocktails, and open mic night.  A lot of ASE was there, which was so nice!
Friday was a blur of packing, final tea, and our 'Last Supper' at Salathai. Final tea was held at a hotel right around the corner, and at the end Jonathon showed a slideshow of pictures submitted by us, the students, throughout the semester.  It was great to see pictures from the very beginning up until the very end.  We definitely came full circle. I, personally, hate goodbyes and it didn't hit me that I wouldn't see these people who I shared an unforgettable semester with for a very long time, or maybe never end up seeing them again.  I don't like thinking about it. Later that night we had dinner at Salathai, mirroring our first night in Bath.  We all ordered pretty much the same thing we did then and discussed our life changing semester.
The night ended with cleaning Linley and creating a list for the new Linley girls.
In order to earn the title of "Linley Girl", you must do the following:

  • Go to Salathai.
  • Become best friends with Andrew Butterworth.
  • Go to Po Na Na's EVERY Thursday. Be careful of the sharkbuckets...they'll bite ya!
  • Vodka Rev and 1pound shots.
  • Burger night at Beau Nash
  • Throw an "America" Party
  • Befriend other houses early in the program
  • make a quote wall
  • befriend all of the starbucks baristas, especially Tom, Dan, and Ginger Johnny Depp
  • Spend sunny days in the park
  • Make a pump up pregame CD
  • Listen to "love on top" on repeat
And the list goes on.  It is unimaginable not doing all of these again, but its time for some new girls to have these experiences.

I left Linley at 5:30am on Saturday morning to depart from Bristol to Dublin to Boston. It was a smooth travel and I am so happy to be home.  I definitely missed it and my parents and I am having all of the things I missed, such as my Dunks (which I got in Logan International was fine), my mom's home cooking, MaryLous, goldfish, etc. And I have been going to the gym and beach! It has been a nice homecoming and I will be hopefully be starting work next week.

I know it will hit that Linley is no longer my home and I do not live in Bath anymore, but for now its not reality.

Keep Calm and Drink Dunkin

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  1. Glad you had a nice time with the Education Girls and Andrew! :)