Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dying from the Plague

The title of this post may be a bit melodramatic, but let me tell you, being sick abroad is the pits.  It all started last week after my first day at Hayesfield.  I had a sore throat, but thought nothing serious about it and went to the pharmacy to stock up on Vitamin C and thermaflu. The mornings were always the worst, but I thought nothing of it. Tuesday, however, everything became much worse. I can barely swallow or speak without wincing with pain and I also may have an ear infection. We have been going nonstop for 3 weeks and I have not quite let my body rest and recover.
I am going to the doctors this afternoon, so hopefully they will be of some help. Being sick when you are away from home is the worst, but mama and papa McCahtah have been sending remedies and support from across the pond. Also, the girls in my house have been immensely helpful.  They bring me tea at night and Fiona came with me to see one of the administrators this morning to set up a doctors appointment, and Kate is coming with me to my actual appointment. They are a wonderful support system and are my serrogate family away from home!
Send good karma and wishes my way so I can get better soon!

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