Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tea and a Vocab Lesson with Andrew Butterworth

So perhaps my favorite man in England so far is Andrew Butterworth, the coordinator of Education placements and internships.  He is this precious old man that is so wonderful and animated.  I get to spend a lot of time with him since we meet with him for an hour every Thursday to chat about our placements, and this Friday he is leading my trip to Wales.
Today, he took us out for tea and we chatted about our placements, but ended up talking a lot about the different translations in British vocabulary. I thought they were hilarious, so I decided to share some with everyone.
British Words 
Macintosh: Rain Coat
Lollypop Lady: Crossing Guard
Rubber: Eraser
Pants: Underwear
Period (like at the end of a sentence): Dot; Full Stop
Janitor: Caretaker 
Torch: Flashlight
Skittles: Bowling
Jumper: Sweater
Trunk(of a car): Boot
Aeroplane: Airplane
Tube: Subway
Mobile: Cell phone
Head Teacher: Principle 
Zed: Z
Cookie: Biscuit
Pavement: Sidewalk
Trainers: Sneakers
Apples&Pears: Stairs
"Give us a Butchers" : Give us a look 
Oberjean: eggplant
mackard: tired
Jacket: Potato

Needless to say, it was a very entertaining hour filled with lots of laughs on things both ends of the spectrum. For instance, Andrew had never heard anyone call "wellies" rainboots. 

So excited for Wales tomorrow!

Keep Calm and Follow the Moon 

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