Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Lacock!

Orientation week has been a blur. Everything has been so amazing! For the most part, I have just been bonding with my housemates (Linley house is the best house) and we have been making lots of friends, both in the program and out! British people are so friendly! The city is unbelievably beautiful:

This is Bath yesterday (Saturday) when it was snowing! You can't really tell though
The bridge over the River Avon at sunset 

a random (but pretty) street corner! 

On Friday night, we had a cocktail party with our Oxford professors. As our ASE directors kept telling us before hand, dress smartly, but not cleverly. British humor is so punny. 
Today (Sunday) we went to Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Lacock village! All were so beautiful I ended up taking 280 pictures....oops. Here are a few of the winners: 
 Me in front of Stonehenge! 

The Linley Girls infront of stonehenge with one of our favorite men, Andrew Butterworth  

 Salisbury Cathedral
 My team, Team Ball-so-hard in George's Inn for dinner and ASE quiz time 
 Lacock Village at Sunset 
 Obligatory telephone booth picture 
Wading through a river in Lacock Village! Good thing I wore my wellies:) 
Yes, this is me Tebowing in one of the oldest Cathedrals in England.  Notice the statue above me is also Tebowing. 
Tomorrow is the first day of classes, and my first is at 9:30am.  This past week of orientation has been so fun and amazing its hard to believe we start "real life" tomorrow, but I am ready! 

Keep Calm and Follow the Moon 

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